A few decades ago, the proper management of natural resources is pretty much solely directly related with ensuring the availability of those resources for future use. With the availability of more convincing data on climate change, the paradigm has taken a shift and substantial emphasis has been placed on sustainable forest management as a prevention and mitigation strategy against the hazards brought by this particular phenomenon.

The Beautiful Caramoan Peninsula

The Beautiful Caramoan Peninsula

The Caramoan Peninsula was once a wonderful habitat for wildlife but now it is being threatened by various problems brought mostly by man.


Kaingin-making at the Caramoan Peninsula

Would you like to continue this shift until all the forests had been converted into barren lands and let innocent people suffer the impacts of these selfish acts?

Typhoon Yolanda victims

Typhoon Yolanda victims

The result that might be brought by our own wrong doings will be given back to us by mother nature through extreme weather, typhoons, tsunamis, storm surges and the like. Would you like to see innocent lives being washed away by the sea like the one the world had witnessed with Typhoon Yolanda?
Wake Up Now. . . before it’s too late…

We should learn from these. For Climate Change is unequivocal. Be a part of our advocacy in saving the Caramoan Peninsula and save not just you, but millions of lives.

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  1. The Caramoan Peninsula | Conserving and Protecting the peninsula to ensure the sustainability of benefits derived by the local communities and other stakeholders. Good work!


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